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Fischland Darss Zingst

The holiday region Darss-Zingst is known as the most beautiful peninsula of Germany. With a length of 45 kilometers, it offers enough space to explore this unique natural landscape by bicycle, on foot or by boat.

Ancient farmsteads, captains' houses and the panorama of church towers make this region an unforgettable experience. The sandy beach offers not only a fantastic bathing experience in the summer, it is ideal for long walks in the fall or winter, making a fantastic motive for the private photo collection of every vacationer, in every season. Enjoy the sunset on the west beach and let yourself and your partner from this outstanding Baltic romance impress.

The Gold of the Baltic Sea

Fischland, Darß, Zingst - Bernstein Prayer cords of the Mohammedans are made of it, and Luther used a piece of "Börnstein" to cure his stone disease. No wonder then, if a little after sunrise bath guests are concentrated at Fishlands outer coast and stooped running indulging a strange sport: looking for amber splinters. Sought are stones with inclusions: 40 million years ago enclosed by the resin little beetles or plant parts. They are rarer than commonly assumed, and locals know that Northeast storm is needed to bring more amber chunks to light between seaweed. A little hint: The stone is distinguished from others well because he is easily electrically when rubbed on woolen clothes. And a small consolation: Who does not find it, can at least admire the "Baltic gold" in the Amber Museum in Ribnitz-Damgarten.

Grand Voyage to overseas

1819 wrote a Swedish captain: "Darßer are as sailors ... highly sought because you can certainly find no better ..."

During the heyday of the local shipping in the 19th century, they found two professional groups: sailors and shipbuilders. Their Briggs, barges and vessels ventured overseas. In Barth and Zingst were temporarily more ships located as in Stralsund and Greifswald.