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The Mecklenburg Switzerland

Turm Natural lakes alternating with several hills, deep forests with abandoned peatlands, where you can still encounter cranes, eagles and fish otters. Arising during the ice age rivers like the Peene meander through these lands: all these features characterize impressively the Mecklenburg Switzerland. It is, moreover, the scenic hills, which gives the significant name of this region. As a tourist in the Mecklenburg Switzerland you will find a fascinating because natural state piece of Germany and thus collect unique impressions, if you are getting into it.

Country and Citizens

Spend the holidays on the water, cycle along the unique ice age route, enjoy the nature in its original such as the 1000 year old oaks of Ivenack. Or experience art and culture in all its diversity: Centuries-old churches, city gates and attic of Brick Gothic, artists courtyards, galleries and museums.

You might also get to know country and people in one of the wonderful concerts in an extraordinary atmosphere or in many urban and village festivals. Walk in the footsteps of such well-known artists such as Fritz Reuter and Ernst Barlach or through the stunning countryside transverse valleys. Bathe in clear lakes or enjoy the tranquility while relaxing fishing.