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The Mecklenburg Lake District

Boats coming through the floodgateSea LandscapeIdyll
As the "Land of a Thousand Lakes" is not only Finland but also the Mecklenburg Lake District called: it is the largest contiguous Lake District in Central Europe. Furthermore is the Müritz the biggest inner-German lake (112 square kilometers) in the heart of this unique water paradise.

The Countryside

The Müritz National Park with 322 square kilometers takes on a large part of the region. At about 400 kilometers biking and hiking trails there is always something to discover. Fish and sea eagles, black storks, kingfishers and herons are at home here. Thousands of cranes and wild geese rest on their train to the wide open spaces of this breathtaking stretch of land.

Towns and villages

The towns and villages are scattered idyllic throughout the region. Each village has its own special charm, is often located on a private lake with a swimming area and usually owns a romantic location with its own church. Prospects of architecture and history discover a variety of historic buildings and interesting museums. The North German brick gothic, lovingly reconstructed city centers, baroque parks and picturesque churches invite continue to linger.