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Holidays at the Baltic Sea

The isle of sunshine Usedom is in it's beauty nearly undescribable. 42 kilometers of fine sandy beach for detailed Bathing Pleasures on one side and the calm backwaters for romantic moments on the other hand are just two faces of this Baltic island. Usedomer Water Fun

Usedom Landscpae

Usedoms is an island with a diversified landscape whose unique character is strongly influenced by forests, hills and tranquil lakes. The north of Usedom and the historic town Peenemünde can best be symbolized with peace or serenity.

In contrast life in the southern imperial baths to Heringsdorf, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck is influenced by the glamorous resort architecture and its charms. It is furthermore quite possible to see also well known personalities from radio and television.

Let yourself being moved by the charm of Usedom and visit this unique island, you will not regret your stay with certainty.

The museums on Usedom

Two museums in Usedom we can highly recommend. One of these is the Air Force Museum in Peenemunde, the old test site for rocket technology and war equipment manufacturing. Another museum is very close to the Air Force Museum. It is the Experimenta, a museum of art, intellect and optical illusion, to join in and touch. In the Experimenta you can experience how hard it is to raise a horsepower or perform other small experiments.